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"#ballsonthewalls" -Sl1pG8r

Everyone at Reborn Dimension is proud to announce that we have teamed up with perhaps the greatest YouTuber of all time! SL1PG8R! From here forward SL1PG8R will be using his very own custom built Reborn Dimension High Performance PC! 

Continuing our collaboration, we are also proud to announce the 18th Dimension!

What is it?

The 18th Dimension is a Special Edition that offers similar specs that help Sl1pG8r achieve his gaming greatness!

What are the Specs?

Case: Reborn Dimension signature case

OS: Windows 10 Pro

Processor: Intel Core i7-5960X 8-Core

Motherboard: Gigabyte X-99 Designare EX

Memory: 64GB Corsair Dominator Platinum

Storage: 1TB Samsung 850 Pro, (2) 6TB WD Blue

GPU: 2 Titan X Pascal

PSU: EVGA 1000w Powersupply

Cooling: Custom EKWB Liquidcooling system 

MISC: RGB LED Strips, Color-coordinated sleeved power cables.

Have Any Questions?

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